Sunday, September 22, 2019

Our Auctions

Oct 20-Horse and Sheep Auction


Bates County Produce, Rich Hill, MO

Saturday, October 20, 2018 • 9:30am

Selling 500+ Bred Ewes & Lambs, Open Ewe Lambs & Breeding Rams that have NEVER been through a Sale Barn.
Horses must be Draft or Driving stock or broke to drive.






DUANE MILLER & ETHAN BRUBACKER: Approx. 150 Ewes 1 to 5 yrs. Old. Katahdin-Dorper-Royal White Cross. A thick bodied set of young Ewes that thrived on an all grass diet with no hay or grain and still raised big heavy lambs that had up to 65% dressed weight. Most are white and shed OK. Will be sorted accordingly.

  • Approx. 5 Ram Lambs from the above set of Ewes. Selected from 90 Ram lambs for quality & growth & shedding ability.
  • Approx. 75 Ewe lambs from the above set of Ewes. Should be bred for Feb. 2019 lambing.

CLEMENS BRUBAKER CONSIGNMENT: Approx. 70 Head of Ewe Lambs. Jan.-Feb. Born. Should be bred to start lambing Feb. 1, 2019. Mostly Katahdins with some Dorper Cross. This flock has some Kennedy Breeding also. Approx. 5 pick of herd Ram Lambs.

ENOCH BRUBAKER CONSIGNMENT: Approx. 60 Head of Katahdin Ewe Lambs from Moderate Framed Ewes that are a low input herd that do well on grass. Will be ready to turn out with Rams Nov. 1, 2018.

MATTHEW BRUBACKER CONSIGNMENT: Approx. 40 Katahdin Ewe Lambs that come from breeding stock that does well on grass.

DUANE MILLER CONSIGNMENT: Approx. 40 Ewe Lambs born in Jan.-Feb. 2018. Some should be bred for Feb 1, 2019 lambing. Primarily Katahdins.

ETHAN BRUBACKER CONSIGNMENT: Approx. 60 Ewe Lambs born in Jan.-Feb. 2018 . Most should be bred for Feb. Lambing. Most are purebred Katahdins from moderate framed, easy keeping Ewes. Also some Dorper Cross.

  • Approx. 5 Katahdin Rams from top Ewes.


Randy High, Auctioneer  (660) 216-0515 or Ethan Brubacker, 2853 S 1125 Rd., Rich Hill, MO 64779


Commission plus $15 Consignment Fee charged on all horses.

Consign your horses by Sept. 8th & they will be listed in the catalog @ no extra charge and mailed to horse buyers all over the United States.  All non-cataloged horses will not be advertised & will be consigned & sold in the order they arrive on Auction day following the Cataloged Horses! (Horses must be Draft or Driving Stock or broke to Drive)


CALL:  Dennis Wendt, Auctioneer   (913) 285-0076 or 800-416-2993

OR WRITE:  Andrew Schrock, 10519 E Albert Rd., Rich Hill, MO 64779 or Ethan Brubacker, 2853 S 1125 Rd., Rich Hill, MO 64779 (for horses)


  • Commission rates are 8% on 1st $3,000 then 5% on remaining balance on horses.
  • No Sale fee applied: $30 on horses & $10 on all Ewes, Lambs & Rams.
  • All horses & small animals must be on site by 9:00am on Saturday.
  • We caution all consignors that only healthy livestock will be run through this sale.
  • All horses should have a negative coggins test. There will be a VET ON SITE to provide this test at sellers expense.
  • All Sheep will have scrapie tags & Vet will be On Site to provide Health Papers for Out Of State Buyers.
  • All sheep will be presorted in groups according to Breed, Age, Color & Sheading Ability.
  • Small animal & poultry consignors must provide cage or box. Goats need scrapie tags. All out of state cattle must have TB test & out of state fowl need to have health papers at time of check-in.
  • Vendors welcome w/prior approval.
  • Please bring proper Dealer tax number and exemption forms otherwise sales tax will be charged on certain items.


LOT 1- 8 Yr Old Paint Pony Gelding 10.1H  Broke to ride and drive.

LOT 2- “Scooter” 4 Yr Old Sorrel Pony Gelding 12H Broke to ride and drive. Quiet and gentle.  Nice school pony.

LOT 3- 5 Yr Old Sorrel Pony Gelding 10H

LOT 4- 6 Yr Old Sorrel Pony Gelding 10H           Full brothers.  Children drove them to school all last term.

LOT 5- “Tampico” 6 Yr Old Sorrel Miniature Gelding.  Traffic safe and sound.  Nice school pony.  Rides and drives.

LOT 6- “Corvette” 4 Yr Old Brown & White Pony Gelding 12H  Broke to ride & drive.  Traffic safe & sound.  Great school pony.

LOT 7- STD Pony Cross Mare. Chestnut w/bald face & 4 whites.  Broke to drive. In foal to a black, trotting bred racing pony.

LOT 8-“June Bug” 6 Yr Old Brown Mini Mare 9H Broke to ride and drive, but not for small children.

LOT 9- 2 Yr Old Red Roan, Pony Stallion.  Broke to lead.  Very gentle.

LOT 10-“Cindy” 5 Yr Old Bay Pony Mare

LOT 11-“Sandy” 6 Yr Old Bay Pony Mare         Well broke to drive as a team or ride.  Have used them in produce field for 3 years.

LOT 12- 4 Yr Old Brown & White Mini Gelding.  Broke to ride and drive. Small children have been driving.

LOT 13- “Doodlebug” Black, Smooth Mouth, Mini Gelding. Super broke and gentle.  If you need a babysitter, here is one for real!

LOT 14- 3 Yr Old Paint Pony Gelding. 10.1H Broke to ride & drive.  Sharp pony.

LOT 15- 2 Yr Old Paint Pony Stallion.  Should be started by sale time.

LOT 16- 3 Yr Old Black Pony/STD Cross 14.1H Well started in the top buggy.  Traffic safe & sound.  Can keep up with the STD’s.

LOT 17- 7 Yr Old Belgian Filly Colt

LOT 18- “Barney” 8 Month Old Dark Gray Percheron/Morgan Cross

LOT 19-Yearling ¼ STD, ¾ Percheron Gelding.  D.O.B. Aug. 2017  Should mature to 17+H

LOT 20- 5 Month Old 3 Colored Paint Filly.  Out of a grey Percheron stud and quarter mare

LOT 21- Percheron/Belgian Cross Gelding 15+H D.O.B. 5-4-17 Leads good and works double.

LOT 22- Red Sorrel Belgian Stud Colt.   D.O.B. 5-13-18 out of an 18H     C.D. Rock grandson 

LOT 23- ¾ STD/ ¼ Morgan Stud Colt.  Sire: 16H trotting bred

LOT 24- ½ STD/ ½ Morgan Stud Colt.  6-14-18 Sire: 16H trotting bred

LOT 25-“Kiowa” Weanling Dark Bay Gelding.  D.O.B. 4-6-18  Sire: “Mohawk” Lot #71   Dam: N Example & Western Hanover

LOT 26-Black Percheron Cross Gelding D.O.B. Nov 2017

LOT 27-Black Percheron Cross Filly D.O.B. Aug 2017  This team is out of the same stud &  mothers are full sisters, that are our favorites to work.

LOT 28- 2 Yr Old STD Filly.  Broke to lead.  Sharp filly!

LOT 29- Dark Bay Percheron, Morgan Cross Gelding.  D.O.B. April 2017

LOT 30- Sorrel Cross Bred Gelding.  D.O.B. March 2017

LOT 31- Yearling STD Stud Colt  Broke to lead.  Gentle 

LOT 32- 8 Yr Old Paint Red & White Pony Mare.  Rides & drives, safe & sound.  Home raised.  Been on state roads, in the bit & energetic.

LOT 33- 12 Yr Old Haflinger Gelding

LOT 34-12 Yr Old Haflinger Gelding        Team broke to all farm machinery.

LOT 35-“Bob” 4 Yr Old Sorrel Belgian, Haflinger Cross Gelding 15.2H

LOT 36-“Bill” 5 Yr Old Sorrel Belgian, Haflinger Cross Gelding 15.2H  Broke to farm machinery. Gentle & laid back. Handy size team.

LOT 37- Smooth Mouth Belgian, Haflinger Cross Mare

LOT 38- Smooth Mouth Belgian, Haflinger Cross Mare          Broke the best, quiet and easy going team.  Take a look!

LOT 39-“Champion” 4 Yr Old Bay, ¾ Percheron ¼ Belgian Gelding 16+H

LOT 40-“Chica” 3 Yr Old Bay, ¾ Percheron ¼ Belgian Mare 16+H      A team of full brother & sister.  Broke to all farm machinery.  Have been our main team in the produce fields this summer & are broke to voice command.  A willing, young, team that knows how to pull a load.

LOT 41- 3 Yr Old Black STD Percheron Cross 16.2H  Well broke double.  Should be started single by sale day.

LOT 42- 9 Yr Old Percheron, Quarter Horse Cross.  Rides and drives single and double.  The kind!

LOT 43-“Clem” 4 Yr Old Sorrel Belgian Gelding

LOT 44-“Clip” 5 Yr Old Sorrel Belgian Gelding      This team has done a lot of work on our farm this summer, on lots of farm machinery.  Work on voice command.  Have always been on an Amish farm.  Sound and honest.

LOT 45- 7 Yr Old Dark Bay STD Mare.  Has a nice way of going.  Gets out and really covers the miles.  Boy’s type.  Vet checked in foal to Dandy Jim of 2019

LOT 46- 2 Yr Old Bay STD Gelding.  A young horse that knows his business.  Gets out and does it right.  The kind!  Check him out.

LOT 47-“Charlie”

LOT 48-“Harley” Team of 2 Yr Old Percheron Stud & Gelding. 16.2H  Well started to farm machinery.  Willing workers.

LOT 49- “Randy” 5 Yr Old Bay ¾ STD ¼ DHH Gelding 16.3H  Here is a nice powerful family horse that the women drive.  Traffic safe and sound.  Top buggy broke.

LOT 50- “Snicker” 3 Yr Old ½ STD ½ DHH Mare Broke to the top buggy and women can drive.  Traffic safe and sound.  Exposed to a 16H trotting bred stud for 2019.

LOT 51- “Kid Kosmos” 3 Yr Old Dark Chestnut Gelding.  A sensible gelding with excellent drive.  The right kind and easy on the eyes.  Sire by: Evasive Moves & Caps Kid Brother   Dam: Jets Little Deb by Jet Liar

LOT 52- “Jet” 3 Yr Old Bay STD Gelding  15.3H  Traffic safe and sound.  A willing traveler.

LOT 53- 3 Yr Old Gelding 4 Whites & Stripe

LOT 54- 2 Yr Old Gelding 2 Whites & Stripe      Team broke and ready to go.

LOT 55- “Chip” 4 Yr Old Grey Percheron Gelding 16.3H

LOT 56- “Charlie” 4 Yr Old Grey Percheron Gelding 16.3H      Have been earning their keep on our farm for 2 years.  A real farm team that can handle a long day in the field.

LOT 57- “Champ” 7 Yr Old STD Gelding 16.2H  Broke, Broke!  Travels good.  Traffic safe and sound.  Surrey horse deluxe!

LOT 58- Statement day of sale.

LOT 59- “Tracker” 8 Yr Old Bay STD Gelding. 15.2H  Traffic safe and sound.  Broke in every way.  Grandpa or school children’s horse deluxe.  Not a race horse but ready for the miles.

LOT 60- “Buck”

LOT 61-“Birch” 8 & 10 Yr Old Palomino Belgian Cross Geldings. 16.2 & 16.3H  A big stout team of crossbreds that we worked on our farm this summer.  Sound and honest and broke to voice commands.

LOT 62- “Bobby” 3 Yr Old Palomino Draft Cross Gelding 16H  Rides and drives real nice.  Boys have been using him around cattle.  Handles a rope real nice.  The go anywhere type of horse.

LOT 63- 4 Yr Old Gelding 16H  Home raised trotter.  Has some drive yet is broke.  The real deal!

LOT 64- 6 Yr Old STD Mare  Buggy broke.  Traffic safe and sound.  A very pretty, trotting bred mare.  Sire: Southwind Luster  Dam: By Conway Hall

LOT 65- Statement day of sale.

LOT 66- 3 Yr Old STD Mare. 15H  Traffic safe and sound.  Women drive everywhere.  Would make a grandpa’s horse deluxe!

LOT 67- 2 Yr Old STD/ASB Cross Gelding 16H  Traffic safe and sound. Good traveler.  Tough and ready for miles.

LOT 68- 3 Yr Old ½ STD, ¼ Percheron, ¼ Morgan Gelding  Nice gelding that does it all from going to town, to plowing. Traffic safe and sound.  Safe enough for the women.  Just a little special!

LOT 69- 2 Yr Old Grey Percheron Mare

LOT 70- 3 Yr Old Grey Percheron Mare      A young team that is well started to farm machinery and have been used some in the produce wagon.  Lots of potential!

LOT 71- “Mohawk” 3 Yr Old Bay Stallion 16.1H Hand carriage horse, sound, can get up in the bit.  Pretty hard around large, high speed traffic, but controllable.  Boys horse & fun to drive. Sire: Double Star Duramax  (DHH/ASB) Dam: by Royal Avenue

LOT 72-“RPM Nancy” 5 Yr Old Sorrel, Registered Belgian Mare. 17H  Has been used as a brood mare and didn’t work until we used her in the hay field this summer.  Sells as green broke.  Sire: Rocks Burger King By Sunny’s Little Rock  Dam: 3 Jump Niki By Spring Creek Cadet

LOT 73- “Austin” 3 Yr Old Grulla Paint Draft Cross Gelding Broke to ride & drive.  A gentle horse, lots of sense.  Rides very good, does what you ask him.

LOT 74-“Bess” 9 Yr Old Blond Sorrel Belgian Mare 16.2H

LOT 75- “Bob” 12 Yr Old Blond Sorrel Belgian Gelding 16.2H    Team that are really broke & good looking.  Farm or hobby team 

LOT 76- “Smoke” 4 Yr Old Black STD Gelding 16H  Home raised son of Trottin Bingo. Started to the buggy, all trot. Sharp, boys horse!

LOT 77- “I Am A Dot” 3 Yr Old STD Gelding  Bay w/ 2 White Socks 16H  All trot.  Fun to drive and ready for the miles.  The kind you get attached to.  Papers in hand.  Sire: Prayer I Am  Dam: Speed Dot Cam    2nd Dam: Tantalizing Speed By Baltic Speed

LOT 78- “Judy” 8 Yr Old STD Mare  Black w/2 Whites and a Star  16H  Broke to the T.  Willing traveler.  Fun to drive.  In foal to Dandy Jim for 2019.  Check her out!

LOT 79- 5 Yr Old STD Gelding 16.1H  Broke for the women, enough snap for the boys.  Big, powerful gelding, ready for the miles.

LOT 80- “Correda Bueno” 3 Yr Old Dark Bay STD Mare  An up headed little mare with a big motor.  100% trotting bred.  Traffic safe and sound and fun to drive.  Sire: Mucho Bueno By Bands Gold Chip    Dam by: Honey Don’t Hanover By Sierra Kosmos

LOT 81- 3 Yr Old ½ STD, ¼ Morgan, ¼ Belgian Mare. 3 White & Blaze  Heads up with lots of ambition for long trips.

LOT 82-“Bess”

LOT 83-“Barney”      Team of 2 & 3 Yr Old Draft Cross 16.1 &16.2H  Broke to most farm machinery.  Bess was exposed to a pulling bred Belgian for 2019.

LOT 84- “Rodger” 7 Yr Old Bay ½ STD, ½ Percheron Gelding 17H  Works to all farm machinery & in the buggy. Women can drive.  Traffic safe & sound.

LOT 85- “Poncho” 2 Yr Old Bay ¾ STD, ¼ DHH Gelding 16H  Well started to the buggy.  Traffic safe and sound.

LOT 86-“Dixie” 11 Yr Old Paint Draft Cross Mare 16H

LOT 87-“Dolly” 11 Yr Old Paint Draft Cross Mare 16H      Well broke to farm machinery or nice parade team.

LOT 88- “Rex” 3 Yr Old Percheron/Quarter Horse Cross Gelding Black W/ 4 Whites and White Face 16.1H  Broke to ride & drive single or double.  Has worked in most farm machinery & on the treadmill. Big, broke gelding.  Have been shooting off of him. Also side passes 

LOT 89- 2 Yr Old Dark Bay STD/Hackney Horse Cross Traffic safe and sound.  Top buggy broke.  Lady horse prospect.

LOT 90- 12 Yr Old STD Mare 16H Trotting bred mare. Anybody can drive.  Sire: Political Briefing

LOT 91-“Bess”

LOT 92-“Babe”   Team of 3&4 Yr Old Mares 15.3H  Traffic safe & sound.  Broke to farm machinery.  4yr old drives single & rides.

LOT 93- “Mindy” 3 Yr Old STD Cross  Traffic safe and sound.  Broke to use double and well started single.

LOT 94- “Buster” 4 Yr Old Chestnut 5/8 ASB/STD Cross, 3/8 Draft Gelding 16.1H Drives single and double.  Used a lot in our family top buggy.  Keeps up with the big horses in the field.

LOT 95- 8 Yr Old Morgan Gelding  Scar on foot, but sound.  Traffic safe.  Women can drive, but not for school child or grandpa. 

LOT 96-“Turbo” 2 Yr Old STD/DHH Cross Gelding  16H  Bay w/ 2 Whites  Traffic safe & sound.  Young, solid, family horse prospect.  Head set & action.

LOT 97-“DJ” 3 Yr Old Blond Sorrel Belgian Quarter Horse Gelding 

LOT 98-“Dominec” 3 Yr Old Blond Sorrel Belgian Quarter Horse Gelding ¾ Brothers 15.2H   Home raised team that will ride or drive single or double.  A sound, gentle pair that we used all summer.

LOT 99-“Mack” Grey Quarter Horse Gelding 15H  Rides & drives.  A nice woman or kid’s horse,  laid back & gentle.  Neighbor boys used him all summer.

LOT 100-“Rex” 9 Yr Old Bay STD Gelding 16H  Really broke, heads up and nice trot.  Traffic safe and sound.  Surrey prospect.

LOT 101- Statement day of sale

LOT 102- “Red” 7 Yr Old Belgian/ASB Cross Gelding  16.1H  Buggy broke.  Traffic safe and sound.

LOT 103-“Beaut” 4 Yr Old Morgan Cross Mare.  This horse has lots of drive.  Good for the miles.  Traffic safe and sound.  Exposed to trotting bred stud for 2019.

LOT 104-“Pecas” 2 Yr Old STD/Morgan Cross Gelding Started to the buggy

LOT 105-“Pilot” 5 Yr Old Bay Percheron/STD/DHH Cross Gelding  Broke to all farm machinery single or double.  Traffic safe and sound.  Up in the bit and needs a lot of work.  Makes a good treadmill horse.

LOT 106- 5 Yr Old STD Gelding 16H  Broke single and double.  Shy about some traffic but very controllable.

LOT 107- 18 Yr Old Belgian Stud  Good work horse.  Teeth are not in good shape, but he can still eat.

LOT 108- 3 Yr Old Registered Red Sorrel Quarter Horse  Broke to ride.  Green broke to drive.  Goes where you point him.

LOT 109- 6 Yr Old STD/Draft Cross Gelding 16.1H  Traffic safe and sound.  Safe for the women.  Good family driver.

LOT 110- 12 Yr Old Percheron Mare  Well broke to farm machinery

LOT 111- 10 Yr Old Black STD Gelding 15.3H  Well broke, traffic safe.  Nice chunky gelding.  Easy keeper.

LOT 112- 5 Yr Old Bay ½ STD/ ¼ Morgan/ ¼ Belgian Gelding  Sound and traffic safe if he gets enough work.  Heads up and plenty of ambition.

LOT 113- “Dixie” 11 Yr Old Paint Draft Cross Mare 16H

LOT 114- “Dolly” 11 Yr Old Paint Draft Cross Mare 16H     Well broke to all farm machinery or a nice parade team.

LOT 115-“PJ” 3 Yr Old Bay Draft Cross Gelding  Has been used on the farm all summer & on the road.  Traffic safe.  A nice chunky horse. 

LOT 116- “Lucky” 6 Yr Old Red Dun Quarter Horse Gelding 15H  Rides and drives.  A real handy horse for trail riding or real work.  Very natural around cattle.  Has been roped off of and will work a gate.  Fun to ride.

LOT 117- “Juley” 9 Yr Old Bay STD/DHH Cross  Can be barn sour if not used regularly.  Willing traveler that can take the miles.  More on sale day.

LOT 118- 5 Yr Old STD Gelding 16H  Big stout gelding that has been in the top buggy all summer.  Traffic safe and sound.

LOT 119- 10 Yr Old Grey Percheron Cross Gelding 16H  Broke to ride and drive, single or double.  Can’t hitch him wrong.

LOT 120- “Bess” 17 Yr Old Black Percheron Mare  16.3H  Well broke and gentle.  Can still do a decent days work.  Possibly in foal to Eclipse for 2019.

LOT 121- 13 Yr Old Gelding 16.1H  Big and broke.  Trots nice, anyone can drive.  Sire: Sports Master  Dam: By Landslide

LOT 122- 3 Yr Old Mare  Well started in the buggy.  Traffic safe and sound.  Trots nice.  Sire: Articulate  Dam by: Pro Bono Best

LOT 123- Statement day of sale

LOT 124-“Joyful Anna” 10 Yr Old Bay STD Mare 16.1H  Trotting bred mare that drives up and on and has a powerful trot.  Vet checked in foal to Dandy Jim for 2019.  Hard Copy Papers  Sire: Don Boss Vita  Dam: Joyful Gina  2nd Dam: Keystone Lola by: Ditto Hanover

LOT 125- “Bill” 2 Yr Old Percheron/Belgian Cross Gelding  Broke to drive single and double.  Good worker.

LOT 126-“Belle” 2 Yr Old Percheron/STD Cross Mare  Sensible horse that drives single and double.  Also rides.  Scholar potential.

LOT 127- “France” 14 Yr Old Red Sorrel Belgian Mare 18H  Broke to all farm machinery.  A nice mare that still works all day.

LOT 128- Statement day of sale

LOT 129- 12 Yr Old Registered STD Mare  Traffic safe and sound.  Top buggy broke.  Sire: Western Hanover  Dam: Art’s Place

LOT 130- “JJ” Red Dun Quarter Horse Gelding  14.2H  Rides and drives.  A very nice gelding that does what you ask him to.  A nice school horse.

LOT 131- 2 Yr Old Black Filly.  Will be started by sale day.

LOT 132- 2 Yr Old STD/DHH Cross Mare.  Well broke.

LOT 133- “Comet Breeze” 4 Yr Old STD Mare. 17H  4 White Socks

LOT 134-“Ribbon” STD Brood Mare 15.2H

LOT 135- 10 Yr Old Bay STD/ASB Cross Gelding Traffic safe & sound.  Drives good, but pulls hard on the lines. Safe but just wants to go.

LOT 136- 17 Yr Old Black ½ Percheron ½ STD Gelding  Broke to all farm machinery.  More info on sale day.

LOT 137- “Semi” 4 Yr Old STD Gelding  Well broke.  Women and children can drive.  More on sale day.

LOT 138- 10 Yr Old Black ¼ STD ¼ Morgan ½ Belgian Mare.  Broke to all farm machinery.

LOT 139- 2 Yr Old ¾ STD 1/8 Morgan 1/8 Belgian Filly  Broke to the buggy.

LOT 140- 17 Yr Old Crossbred Gelding  Not sound.

LOT 141- “Rex” 13 Yr Old Dark Bay Percheron Gelding  Well broke anyway you hook him.  Breathes a little loud when pulling hard but never bothered him.  Gets a sore shoulder if too small collar is used.

LOT 142-“Beth” 19 Yr Old Belgian Mare  Lost her mate.  Quiet, gentle, yet a willing worker. Traffic safe and sound.

LOT 143- Belgian 

LOT 144- Belgian Team of older Belgians.  Broke real well to all farm machinery.

LOT 145- STD Mare  Boys horse.  Possibly in foal.

LOT 146- Mare 

LOT 147-GeldingTeam of older horses.  Broke to all machinery and kid safe.

LOT 148- 16 Yr Old Percheron Gelding  Easy keeper.  Well broke and a little slow.

LOT 149- 15 Yr Old Draft Cross Gelding 17H  Broke single and double.  Easy keeper

LOT 150- “Chevy” 8 Yr Old Fjord Mare  Broke to ride and drive

LOT 151- 4 Yr Old STD Gelding  15.2H  Broke to buggy.  Traffic safe and sound.  Watches the ditch.  Easy 

LOT 152- 10 Yr Old Belgian/ Morgan Mare  16H  Broke to ride and drive, single and double.

LOT 153- 9 Yr Old Black Morgan Mare 14H  Broke

LOT 154- 3 Yr Old Morgan Mare  Green broke to drive

LOT 155- 8 Yr Old Haflinger Mare  Broke single and double.  Not used much in past year.

LOT 156-“Duke” Haflinger Gelding

LOT 157-“Watch Fire”  Haflinger Gelding 12 &15 Yr Old 1100 lbs. dead broke used  @ least 30 parades.  Good in traffic

LOT 158- 10 Yr Old Haflinger Gelding  Dead broke to drive single and has worked on team

LOT 159-“Reba” Black Weanling Percheron STD Cross Filly  Nice & stout

LOT 160- “Roxy” 2 Yr Old Morgan Filly  Should be in long lines by sale time, kind of sharp!

LOT 161-“Pete” 2 Yr Old Black Gelding Sire: Trotter STD Bred Dam: Morgan

LOT 162-“Cracker” 5 Yr Old Black Gelding Star, Snip, 4 Whites  Good broke.  Ready for miles and this dudes kind of fancy!

LOT 163- “Earl’s Twilight” 5 Yr Old Bay Mare  One serious driving mare.  Bred to a Donnarail son for a 2019 foal.  Hard copy papers.  Sire: Earl of Stormont    Dam: by CJ’s Secret   2nd Dam: by Superman 

LOT 164- “Moose” 4 Yr Old Bay Percheron Cross Gelding 2 Whites 16.2H Will pull anything you hook him to.  Been there and done that kind of broke.

LOT 165- 15 Yr Old Black ASB Mare  Broke for the women.  Has also raised a few nice colts. 

LOT 166- Statement day of sale

LOT 167- Statement day of sale

LOT 168- Statement day of sale

LOT 169- Statement day of sale

Terms of Auction

TERMS OF AUCTION: Cash, check or credit card w/proper ID. Statements made day of auction take precedence over written materials. All items sell “as-is”, where-is & without warranty expressed or implied. Owners or auction company not responsible for accidents, theft or loss of sale items.


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